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It is said that we live in the Information Age. To me this means that we are inundated - TV, radio, movies, CDs, videos, books, magazines, the Web, newspapers, flyers, billboards, pagers, phones, schools, "junk" mail, etc. etc. etc. The question is, "Will we master this information, or be mastered by it?". Will we be washed helplessly to wherever the most recent flood takes us (all the while believing that it is really where we wanted to go in the first place); or will we learn to figure out on our own where we want to go, then use information we thoughtfully choose, evaluate and understand to help get us there?

This site is a work in progress for teachers looking for ways to help their students do the latter. Here you will find ideas and materials that will fire their imaginations, and help them develop the skills they'll need to take their places as thoughtful and productive citizens.

Navigating the site is easy. Just click on the button at the top of the page for the topic you want. Your choice will appear in a new browser window. Scroll, point and click your way through it. When you want to view a different topic, click on another button. 

Throughout the site, links appear as underlined blue text.  Clicking once on non-italicized links with your left mouse button will replace the contents of the area you are currently viewing with whatever information resides at the link you click.  Clicking on an italicized link will open a separate browser window to hold the contents of an external site.

If you are new to the site, perhaps the best way to begin exploring it is to scroll down the list of what's new.  When you see something of interest, click on it.  If you want to see similar material, click on the link in the category column of the same row of the link that interested you.  Alternatively, you can scroll down the site map until you see something of interest on which to click.

Happy exploring. Let me know what you think.

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