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Use the search box above to look for pages on this site that contain a piece of text that interests you.  Single words work best.  About 300 very common English words such as a, an, and, or, but, not, the, I, me, them, etc. are ignored and will not be found.

For example, to look for all pages containing the word lessons, type lessons in the box then click on the "Start Search" button,. Typing lesson will also work.  The search should find pages containing both singular and plural forms of any word you type.  

You can run a search with multiple words.  If you do, pages containing ANY of the words you type will be listed.  For example, a search for Joe Smith will find any pages containing Joe or Smith.  Thus, if you want a list of all pages containing at least one of several words, type those words (separated by spaces) in the "Search for" box and click the "Start Search" button.

You may also attempt to search for a phrase, although phrase search results are often problematic.  Should you type a phrase, the search routine will look for the individual words as described above; however, if it finds pages containing what it believes to be the phrase you typed, it should place them near the top of the results table.

Searches are not case sensitive, so capitalization does not matter.  The asterisk (*) wildcard character will work at the end of a text string, but not the beginning.  For example, wag* will find pages that contain any words beginning with wag (like wages and wagnalls), but *ge would not find wage.  The question mark (?) wildcard does not work.

Results for each search are listed in a table between the search form and these instructions.  Each row in the table contains a link to a page on the site and its score.  The higher the score, the more likely that page is to contain what you want.  Results are listed from the highest score to the lowest.

To display a listed page, click its link.  After the page displays, use your browser's find command to see if what you're looking for is there. 

To look at a different page, click on your browser's back button.  This page should redisplay.  When it does, click the link for the next page you want to examine.

To begin a new search, simply select the existing text in the "Search for" box and type over it.  If you decide you want the text from the previous search back after you've begun typing, click the "Restore text from last search" button BEFORE you click the "Start Search" button again.  If you want to clear the form and erase the results table, click the appropriate link at the top or bottom of this page.

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