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What's Wrong With This Picture?


The following is a list of things I've found wrong in the picture.  In cases where the problems are difficult to see, I've created links to enlargements of them.  The enlargements open in their own windows.  When you are finished looking at or printing one of them, close its window without exiting your browser program.  If an enlargement fails to open, it is most likely because your browser does not support JavaScript, or that it has been disabled.

Problems you should be able to see easily once they have been pointed out.

  1. The curtains in front of the closed window are blowing in the wind, while those in front of the open window are hanging straight.
  2. The horizon visible through the left window is higher than that visible through the right one.
  3. The waves visible through the left window cannot be seen through the right one.
  4. The door frame is not square.  The top piece extends too far to the left.
  5. The legs on the chair next to the door are not touching the floor.
  6. The cord leading from the electric guitar on the floor runs to the telephone instead of a wall jack.
  7. The wine glass contains red wine, while the wine bottle contains white wine.
  8. The left front leg of the guitarist's chair doesn't touch the floor.
  9. The open window sashes are upside down.

Problems illustrated with enlargements.

  1. The white candle beneath the mirror is "melting" dark wax.
  2. The calendar in front of the candle shows the date as November 31; but November only contains 30 days.
  3. The wall plug on the wall next to the "floating chair" has a plug with no wire connected to it.
  4. The guitarist's right shoelace is tied just above his toes rather than next to his ankle.
  5. The game board beneath the open window has chessmen lined up on the left side, and checkers on the right.
  6. The reel to reel tape deck in front of the closed window has a 45 rpm record instead of a reel of tape.
  7. The turntable beneath the closed window contains a reel of tape instead of a 33 rpm record.
  8. The mirrored reflection of the hanging coat shows the initials AG, but they should appear as a "mirror image".
  9. In addition to an orange and two apples, the fruit bowl on the bottom shelf of the table containing the wine appears to hold a softball.
  10. The unused coat hook on the wall next to the door is mounted upside down.
  11. The hamburger bun between the wine glass and the wine bottle contains a hotdog.
  12. The doorbell is on the interior door frame rather than outside the room.

Problems that may or may not be present.  The resolution and composition of the photo makes it difficult to tell.

  1. The walls of the room appear to be covered with exterior rather than interior plaster.
  2. The palm-like plant to the left of the "wine" table does not appear to be planted in the pot beneath it.
  3. The "shade" on the floor lamp in front of the open window appears to either be upside down or a bowl.
  4. There appear to be odd things on top of the stereo receiver.
  5. The antenna sitting on top of the TV does not appear to be connected to the antenna wire attached to the upper left back corner of the TV set. That wire appears to lead into a leaf on the plant.
  6. A filtered cigarette is sticking out of the crumpled pack of Camel unfiltered cigarettes lying next to the wine bottle.
  7. There does not appear to be a door knob on the door.  The top hinge is visible on its left side, so a door knob should be just to the left and below the spot where the doorbell is shown.
  8. Given the apparent lighting in the room, the shadow of the chair next to the door may not be right.
  9. The floor looks to be sub flooring that should be covered with carpet or hardwood strips.
  10. I'm not sure why there is a double-barreled shotgun propped up in the corner between the door and the mirror.
  11. The apparent deck of cards sitting next to the TV set might have a problem.
  12. The photo on the cover of Andrew Gold's previous album (visible on the floor leaning against the music bench) might not look as it actually did when sold in stores.  Ditto for the cover on the issue of People Magazine that is lying on the floor beneath the TV set.  In fact, I'm not sure that Andrew Gold ever appeared on a People Magazine cover.

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