What is it? How can we use mobile tech to find it?

Skyline High School, Oakland, CA
Saturday, August 20, 2011
Presented by Bill Chapman, @classroomtools

The flowchart for this session is available at http://www.classroomtools.com/edcampsfbay.htm

  1. Time and Date of EdCampSFBay around the world



  2. Using your mobile device to search the web, find evidence that shows the assertion "George Washington was born on February 22" to be factual or not. Enter information about the evidence you find on the Google doc spreadsheet located at



  3. Read page 1 of Howard Zinn's A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES


    How many statements there are factual; how many are conclusions; how many are beliefs? For which is supporting evidence provided? Is it enough to validate the assertions? Are you aware of contradictory evidence that might negate them? Where evidence is provided, is it primary or secondary?

  4. Open the GIF located at


    Take 5 minutes to translate it, as best  you can, into modern English.

  5. After I read you the story of Billy and Tom, click on the following link to answer ten multiple choice questions about it.


The flowchart for this session is available at http://www.classroomtools.com/edcampsfbay.htm