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Philly1787 - Summary Tweets based on James Madison's NOTES


Philly1787 - Tweeting the Constitutional Convention
summary tweets for the first part of August 23, 1787, composed by Bill Chapman; posted on August 23, 2009
based on James Madison's NOTES located on the web at

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Thu, Aug 23

The delegates took up the section of the Committee of Eleven's report concerning state militias.

Some thought that allowing the nat. gov. to provide uniform rules for militia's weaponry, training, etc., would be seen as ...

... a move towards despotism. These delegates felt it would be the same as disarming the states, and could not support it.

Others argued that the nat. & state governments were not enemies, but both were on the people's side.

Taking from one & giving to the other a thing it could do better, strengthened the nation & made people better off.

Madison argued that many states neglected their militias, and that uniform standards were necessary to secure the nation.

The delegates voted 9 states yes, 2 no to approve the first part of the report on the militia (making laws for organizing, ...

... arming and disciplining state militias, and commanding them when employed in the service of the U.S.).

Madison moved to amend the 2nd part to allow the nat. gov. to appoint generals; leaving the states to appoint lower ranks.

This motion was defeated; 8 states no, 3 yes. They then agreed, without dissent, to allow states to appoint all officers.

They then voted 7 states yes, 4 no, to allow the states to train militias following standards set nationally.

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